Park View Youth Baseball : Terms & Conditions

Recreation League Playing Rules
Below are all 
playing ruling in effect for the Fall 2011 9&10 recreation league division.
  • Time limit is 1 hour, 30 minutes (90 minutes total) or 6 innings max. No extra innings. Games can end in a tie.
  • Batting order is whole line-up. Everyone bats and plays at least every otherinning in the field. The only exception to the rule is a coaches decision for disciplinary action handed down to be served by player(s). This MUST be discussed with home umpire and head coach of other team BEFORE the start of the game. Penalty is  forfeiture of the game.
  • Pitchers are limited to 2 innings per game.
  • Teams play with 4 outfielders. All outfielders must be an equal distance from home plate. No short fielder allowed.
  • Any coach ejected from a game will serve a one-game suspension enforced on the next scheduled team game.
  • Minimum of 8 players needed to start a game. If a team plays with 8, the ninth batter is an automatic out unless waived by the opposing team head coach BEFORE the start of the game. Players arriving late may be added to the bottom of the batting order.
  • Batter is out on a dropped third strike.
  • Once a pitcher is removed from the mound, said pitcher may not return to the mound for the rest of that game.
  • Big barrel bats are not allowed.
  • The home team is required to record the game stats on the official league scoring book.
  • The home umpire's decisions are final.

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